A Sample Itinerary to Kingston, Jamaica

Wondering how your day in Jamaica can look like? Here's a day spent in Jamaica's capital, Kingston.

Kingston Highlight

Tour with us and see Kingston, Jamaica's best views, real cultural life, and some of its popular locales.

Real Jamaica Highlight

On our way to Kingston, we'll take a toll road, and on the way back, through Real Jamaica and a beautiful scenic route.

Real Jamaican Lunch

Enjoy your lunch at an authentic Jamaican restaurant - tastier than any resort food, we assure you!

Shopping Excursion

We'll take you beyond the traditional markets, hassle free shopping while helping local small businesses.

Bob Marley Museum

Time permitting and optional, visit Bob Marley's home in Kingston and original studio. A cultural and iconic experience to remember!

Blue Mountain Coffee Tour

A secondary optional experience to our popular Kingston Highlight, take a tour of the finest Blue Mountain coffee plantation.

Interested in the Kingston Highlight?

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